IMAG0135The Club operates two open 2-meter repeaters in the Milledgeville area. All licensed amateurs are encouraged to use these repeaters.


146.700 MHz (-600) PL 67 Hz

This repeater is located east of town, off of Highway 22. First coordinated in 1968, the Club repeater is one of the oldest coordinated repeaters in Georgia.


There is a net on the repeater each Wednesday evening at 8 PM local time.


147.135 MHz (+600 Hz) PL 123.0 Hz

This repeater is linked full time with the Peach State Intertie linked repeater system. During periods of severe weather, the repeater is linked to the National Weather Service office located at Peachtree City, Georgia.

W4PCF was the callsign of Ben Jordan of Milledgeville who was once an advocate of amateur radio, teacher, and Elmer to many young amateurs. Ben became a silent key in 1986. The callsign is often used by the Club during Field Day in memorial to him. The callsign was first used by the Milledgeville Amateur Radio Club on Field Day in 1961.