Agenda for August 2017 Meeting

August 19, 2017

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Parish Hall

I.              Invocation

II.             Pledge of Allegiance

III.            Introductions

IV.           Announcements

V.            Reports

A.            Secretary’s Report

B.            Treasurer’s Report

C.            Standing Committees

1.             Elmering and Mentorship

2.             Emergency Communications

3.             Field Day and Special Events

4.             Licensing

5.             Public Relations

6.             Repeater

VI.           Old Business

A.            Outreach Programs

B.            Resolution 2017-01

C.            Resolution 2017-02

VII.          New Business

VIII.         Adjournment


The Importance of Training for Emergency Communications
Daniel R. Simpson, K4DRS
Emergency Coordinator, Baldwin County ARES

March 2016 Newsletter

Our Next Meeting Will Be, Saturday, March 19 at 10 AM

We hope to CU there!


From the New Secretary-Treasurer

As many of you already know, the club’s Secretary-Treasurer, Daniel Simpson (K4DRS) resigned from being Secretary-Treasurer at the February meeting due to medical reasons. I was elected to complete his term. Daniel had converted most things to on-line, and I am still coming up to speed, so please be patient during this transition.

Charles Kight, AI4UN



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