Elected Positions


Hurb Ingles, W1DOG

Hurb has been licensed since 1974 and is now an Amateur Extra. He is a retired reliability engineer for a medical equipment company and previously worked for the US Army Security Agency in Advanced Electronic Systems. He also serves as the President of the Macon ARC and vice president of the Jones county ARS. He is active in ARES and is an ARRL Instructor, PIO, VE, Official Observer, and Technical Specialist.As evidenced by his call, he is also an animal lover and is active in animal rescue activities in the middle Georgia area.

Vice President

Daniel R. Simpson, K4DRS
vp@milledgevillearc.orgDaniel was first licensed in 1996. He currently holds a General class license. His primary interests are public service communications, repeater operation, and chasing WAS and DXCC. He also serves as the Emergency Coordinator for Baldwin County ARES. His background is in teaching and human resource training. Besides ham radio, he is also active in photography.


Charles Kight, AI4UN
secretary@milledgevillearc.orgFirst licensed in 2007, Charles holds an Amateur Extra Class license, is a Volunteer Examiner and enjoys using Morse code as well as experimenting and teaching about amateur radio. A retired teacher and school Technology Coordinator, he also experiments with open source software. Other interests include square dancing and clogging.


New Ham Elmer

Assist new radio operators learn and explore the many opportunities the hobby has to offer.


Carl Hays, W1ABO

Emergency Communications

Coordinate with local ARES organizations to plan, train and have the capability of operating in local, state and national emergency communications drills/disasters as needed.


Daniel Simpson, K4DRS

Field Day and Events

Plan and conduct operations in the annual June ARRL Field Day radio contest as well as other events as directed.


Nikki Simpson, K4CNS


Plan and conduct radio theory classes for persons interested in obtaining an amateur radio license. Coordinate with VE Testing team.


Charles Pennington, K4GK
Charles Kight, AI4UN

Public Relations

Promote the club within the community via the news media; newspapers, radio and television. Also charged with maintaining the club website and social media outlets.


Daniel Simpson, K4DRS


Plan and direct the operation of the club two meter repeaters. The trustee of the club call signs shall be the ex-officio chairman of the Repeater Committee.


Paul Gallager, KC4YAP

Other Positions

Callsign Trustee

W4PCF:    Otis Murphy, W4OY
WB4DOJ: Daniel R. Simpson, K4DRS

Immediate Past Secretary-Treasurer:

Daniel R. Simpson, K4DRS


Daniel R. Simpson, K4DRS