Milledgeville radio groups form partnership for public service

Milledgeville, Ga – In their monthly meeting, held September 16th at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, the Milledgeville Amateur Radio Club ratified and adopted a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Baldwin County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). “This agreement formalizes the long-standing relationship between the two groups,” says Daniel Simpson, the Emergency Coordinator of Baldwin County ARES.

The agreement outlines the responsibilities of each organization in training and logistics for public service and emergency communication. Baldwin County ARES focuses on public service and emergency communications, along with the training involved. Milledgeville Amateur Radio Club is a local group of radio amateurs, serving a broader spectrum of the community.

Both organizations agree to mutually promote events and recruitment into the hobby. Should the need arise, the agreement allows for ARES to use the Milledgeville club’s equipment for service to the public.
“As we have seen in the past weeks with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, it is vital to work together when a crisis strikes. With the framework already established, we will be able to respond quickly should the need arise,” continues Simpson.

Baldwin County ARES is part of the Field Organization of the American Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio. The field organization is organized by states, districts, and counties, allowing for coordination with national, state, regional, and local emergency management professionals.

The Milledgeville Amateur Radio Club has members from Baldwin, Bibb, Jones, Putnam, Washington, and Wilkinson counties and beyond. Formed in 1961, it provides licensing, operating, and technical resources to ham radio operators and other interested parties in the surrounding area. More information is available at

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