Agenda for August 2017 Meeting

August 19, 2017

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Parish Hall

I.              Invocation

II.             Pledge of Allegiance

III.            Introductions

IV.           Announcements

V.            Reports

A.            Secretary’s Report

B.            Treasurer’s Report

C.            Standing Committees

1.             Elmering and Mentorship

2.             Emergency Communications

3.             Field Day and Special Events

4.             Licensing

5.             Public Relations

6.             Repeater

VI.           Old Business

A.            Outreach Programs

B.            Resolution 2017-01

C.            Resolution 2017-02

VII.          New Business

VIII.         Adjournment


The Importance of Training for Emergency Communications
Daniel R. Simpson, K4DRS
Emergency Coordinator, Baldwin County ARES

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